Why Do Girls Love Shopping So Much? Here’s a Satisfying Answer

Girls and shopping are words that are almost synonymous. Very rarely would you find a girl who says no to shopping! Well, yes not all girls have the time or money to shop extensively, but given a choice, they would love to do it or at least window shop.

So why do they love shopping so much while the majority of the menfolk are not so taken by shopping? Here is the explanation we hope to satisfy you with:

When it comes to shopping a man would mostly decide to go here or there based on his requirement and start. Whereas, a woman would decide on what she wants and go around looking for it. She is open to varieties and choices the market has to offer her. As a result, she peruses through a number of shops before she can buy that one item.

In the meanwhile, as she is browsing through online or retail stores, she comes across things she finds fascinating or unique that will help her stand apart from the general crowd. No woman would like to look like another when she goes to an event. A woman’s brain is wired in such a way that she wants to look different and want everyone to appreciate her looks and effort. Hence, when she finds something different, she takes the opportunity to buy it, thus ending up buying more than what she planned for.

Feel Good

When a woman shops, scientific studies show her brain releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. This makes her feel happy and good from within. We, humans, tend to repeat doing things that make us happy, this leads to women shopping more.

Also, the consumer market is such that it offers more varieties for women than men. When it comes to clothing, she has not only clothes to choose from but a number of accessories as well. more the number of pieces to complete her outfit, the more she has to buy!