The Ultimate Shopping Tips For All Of Your Summer Needs

What does summer signal for you?

Summer definitely means insanely warm temperatures that you probably never saw in the last eight months or so and then, of course, a lot of sweat!

But amidst all of that, summer is also one time when we are out and about and also int loot of activities. For instance, I prefer to do my swimming every day in summer and I look forward to working out too.

Summer also signals a big major wardrobe makeover:

I totally do up my wardrobe when summer begins to set in. that is the only time in the year that I actually get to two. The summer styles are in like a lot of things breathable fabrics, cotton, linens and think of shorts, denim skirts, and Bermuda!

The color palette is consciously light:

The color that I prefer during the shining months is the only pastel in shade. So a lot of pinks and soft blues and summery oranges and yellow hues are the color of the season.


The natural makeup is what I prefer during these months. I go nude with my make up something only wearing a primer-foundation and concealer and go with a round of lipstick – mascara and liquid eyeliner. This makes my face look as well as feel light.

Waterproof makeup please:

If I am hitting outdoors for an activity or going for a swim, I make sure to wear a waterproof palette from Sephora so that it does not get washed away in the water or tune podgy in the sun.

Don’t forget your SPF!

Ahaa! Never forget that the sun can be good for your skin but the harmful UV radiation that can hit your skin with. Slather a generous amount of SPF 50 or anything above to keep your skin protected from the harmful radiations.

For more on how to keep you prepared for the time of picnics and fun, log on to KasilJean. You will thank me for recommending her to you!…